Caminhos Perfeitos is a company with more than nine years but already has extensive experience in the international market.

This company is well recognized due to the participation in large and well-known worldwide constructions, such Madrid Subway, the El Corte Inglés, the Santo Domingo Linea Subway (Dominican Republic), the Mausoleum in Omar Bongo Ondimba, the National Bank of Azerbaijan (Baku) among others.

We assume full management of the whole construction, from the design phase until their completion, managing the various expertise involved, promoting their coordination and alignment.

With the experience and know-how acquired, the Caminhos Perfeitos company prides itself to be a company that can develop and offer a complete solution for all your structural needs and requests of your own business.

We pride ourselves also, for always finish the work on time which is agreed with the client. In nine years we never failed a single term, sometimes managing to finish the work before the deadline agreed with our clients.

Company Brochure


Our primary mission is to increase our know-how in the public and private construction, looking to broaden our scope of action.


Our primary goal is to provide the best possible service to the end customer, performing a service with maximum speed and quality in low prices; thus we can gain trust and total satisfaction of our customers.

Company Policy

As a company that primarily focus on quality and speed, Caminhos Perfeitos company always seeks to work with the best materials and with the most qualified professionals, thereby increasing their credibility with their customers.


  • To affirm itself as an international leader in the field of public and private construction.
  • Being at the forefront within the construction area, presenting innovative projects.
  • Offering reliable solutions with quality at good price.
  • To be recognized not only nationally but also internationally, due to the quality products and services offered by our company.


  • ​​Integrity and Ethics
  • Socially responsible conduct
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Quality / Price
  • Honesty and Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Quality in services and the products offered by the us
  • Efficiency
  • Credibility
  • Respect for the environment

Despite still being an expanding company, our success rate is already too high and has been increasing day by day, thus proving our great quality and credibility in our services.

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