What We Do

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carpentry and other
We do all kinds of carpentry service, since: doors, balconies, footers, etc. This and many other types of services.
We paint in any type of building, whether public or private.
Brick placement
Placing all types of tiled
Installation of metal structures and plasterboard
Installation of metal structures and plasterboard in all kinds of businesses, shops and even in private homes.
Placement of marbled stone
Marble stone are used for columns, floors, and other parts of buildings.
Low tension cables, and cable trays
Low tension cables and cable trays installation.
Panel, doors and sound isolation
Panel installation, doors and sound isolation
Electrical connections for household appliances
Electrical connections for all types of household appliances.
Electric lighting and signaling systems
Electric lighting and signaling systems (for roads, airports and ports, railways, etc.)
Antennas and lightning rod
Antennas and lightning rod for protection your home and office from lightning.
Alarms and fire detection
Alarms and fire detection for high protection and security.
Wiring for telecommunications
Wiring for telecommunications, computers and cable television.
Electrical installation and repair
Electrical installation and repair (in buildings or in other types of construction): electrification of buildings and distribution of energy in industrial facilities.
Civil engineering
General construction of building and civil engineering, public and private constructions.
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